You come across our work every day without realising it. We work in the field of Public Relations.

What we do

We are results-focused, but ethics is our
top priority.

Who we are

We seek out new ways of doing things and we submit the outcome of our PR work to clients.

We specialize in activities that help our clients gain a better position on the market.

We focus on building high-quality relations with the public through communication with the media.

One of our innovations involves the creation of a unique method for measuring the results of activities in the field of media relations. In our opinion, this is the best technique for capturing the relevant values.

Our Philosophy

We work for companies and their employees who want to achieve sustained success. After all, our employees share this very same goal.

Our business is based on quality of individuals. We hire fair-minded and hard-working people for our team who have a healthy outlook on life. This isn’t just a dull theory to us; we have chosen a more complicated path because we are convinced that it provides the only chance for creating a lasting relationship with the community.

The World through Rules

We do not see public relations as manipulation;
rather, we see ourselves as the mediators of information.
We aim to satisfy both the demands of our clients and,
amongst other things, journalists’ demand for information.
We operate in PR following the rules of fair play.

How we are Different

We are an agency which guarantees clients results. Our clients reap the rewards of our joint work.

Our clients do not pay according to an hourly rate. They are interested in results.

For measurements, we use Median software and data. In the PR market, we are currently one of the few agencies that work in this manner.

We will reach your target group; we know exactly how many people it contains and how many times we will reach them.

Our other specialization is online marketing. We also provide our services in Slovakia.

Social Responsibility

We make every effort to ensure that our employees are satisfied - that they have a fair salary as well as good working and living conditions.

Every single one of our employees can decide to use company funds once a year to support people in their neighbourhood who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.